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Here you'll find a newly discovered For years I could not appreciate wine and it's many flavours and then something miraculous happened to my taste buds and wine...was good. I for many years found wine to be foul tasting and not deserving of my attention's, I have since quit smoking (26 months and counting) which did something miraculous, as I've said, to my taste buds for not only wine but food as well! In September of 2006 my sister got married at a winery in Nova Scotia and that began my journey, I was hooked. I started reading everything I could on it, and consuming it...discovering that wine has a history and a story...and here I will share a bit with you.

Updated: November 26 / 2007

Taken by myself September 2006 - Grand Pre, Nova Scotia
What I have Tried So Far...With My Own Personal Rating
Wine Type Year Winery Location Rank
Marechal Foch Red 2005 Domaine De Grand Pre Grand Pre, N.S. - Canada 3/5
L'Acadie Blanc White 2005 Domaine De Grand Pre Grand Pre, N.S. - Canada 3/5
Rosa Regale (S) Rose 2005 Banfi Monctalcino, Italy 4/5
Sauvignon Blanc White 2004 Frei Bros. Napa, California - USA 1/5
White Zinfandel Rose 2005 E & J Gallo Family Sierra Valley, California - USA 2/5
Sauvignon Blanc White 2005 Jacques-Yves Bordeaux, France 1/5
Sauvignon Blanc White 2005 Mission Hill Okanagan Valley, B.C. - Canada 2/5
Wally's Hut Shiraz Red 2004 Terra Nova Estate Southern Australia 3.5/5
Sola Nero Red 2005 Vincor International British Columbia - Canada 1/5
Grenache Shiraz Rose Rose 2004 Angove Paringa, South Australia 3/5
French Cross Shiraz Red 2005 Peller Estates Niagra Region, ON - Canada 3/5
Rosato Bambino  (S) Rose 2005 Cartier Wines Niagra Region, ON - Canada 3/5
Comtessa Red 2005 Jost Malagash, N.S. - Canada 2/5
Marechal Foch Red 2004 Jost Malagash, N.S. - Canada 2/5
Pomme D'Or Dessert 2005 Domaine De Grand Pre Grand Pre, N.S. - Canada 2.5/5
Cabernet Shiraz Red 2005 Sonora Ranch / Mission Hill Okanagan Valley, B.C. - Canada 2.5/5
Georges DeBeouf Merlot Red 2005 Georges DeBoeuf Beaujolais - France 4/5
Oyster Bay Merlot Red 2006 Oyster Bay North Island - New Zealand 4/5
Donini Sangiovese Rubicone Red 2005 Donini Italy 3.5/5
Banfi Centine Red 2004 Castello Banfi Tuscany - Italy 4.5/5
Naked Grape Shiraz Red 2005 Naked Grape Niagra Region, ON - Canada 4/5
Mouton Cadet Red 2005 Chateau Mouton Bordeaux - France 3.5/5
Partager Merlot Red 2007 Barton & Guestier France 4.0/5
Note: (S) Indicates a "Sparkling" wine.

Barton & Guestier - Merlot