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I love looking at streaming web cams from around the world, it gives you that "fly on the wall" kind of feel, and it's interesting to look into these places to see what happens there! I look for good quality streaming cams to offer links to you here so that you can join me on my trip's around the world. If you have any cam's you would like to submit..e-mail me and tell me.

There are four cameras in this view in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. There is a camera is pointing down on a small section of 'Main Street West' and in the opposite direction 'Main Street East'. There is also one at the construction site of the new 20,000 seat 'Track and Field Stadium', and one at the Centennial Park pond. (stream)

Moncton, New Brunswick!

Four camera's in Fredericton, New Brunswick - Canada. (stream)

Fredericton Cam

Saint John
The Saint John Harbor Front as taken from CBC in Saint John, New Brunswick - Canada. (update - 1 minute)

Saint John Cam

Here is the view of city center in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. This camera is pointing right down the main street. Note: Once the page opens you may have to 'refresh' the page to get the image moving again.

Charlottetown PEI Cam!

Halifax Waterfront
Here is the 7 different views of Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada, mainly Halifax Harbor from various camera's showing Ocean Terminal, Pier 21, Boardwalk with Cable Wharf and Historic Properties, Ferry Terminal, Purdys Wharf and Casino Nova Scotia. These camera have the ability to change the update speeds from 2 seconds (which is pretty good) to 5 minutes.

Halifax Waterfront Cams

St. John's Waterfront
Here is the view of St. John's, Newfoundland - Canada, mainly the Harbor from way up high in the oldest city in North America. (update - 1 minute)

St. John's Waterfront Cam

Edmonton downtown courtesy of the English Language Training College...Edmonton, Alberta - Canada.

Edmonton Cam

Maplewood Farm - Vancouver, B.C. - Canada. This farm helps kids get close to and understand animals.

Maplewood Farm

Sloppy Joe's
Here is the first of my many favorites from a little bar called "Sloppy Joe's" in Key West, Florida, USA. This camera is pointing right at there stage and you can watch and listen to all their live entertainment...check out who's on stage now!"

Sloppy's Stage Cam! with Sound!

Also in the line-up from sloppy's are the Sloppy's Bar Cam! (8 second refresh)...and the Live Duval St. (Outside Sloppy's)

Schooner Warf!
Here is the view of "Schooner's Warf" also in Key West, Florida, USA. This camera is pointing right at their outside patio area...check out who's having a beverage now!"

Schooner's Patio Cam! with Sound!

Hogs Breath Saloon!
Here is the view of "Hog's Breath Saloon" also in Key West, Florida, USA. This camera is pointing right at their outside patio area...there are alos inside area cam links as well on the same page! You'll see many of the local's/tourist's on cell phones calling home and 'waving to the camera'!"

Hog's Bar Cam! with Sound!

Two Friends Patio Restaurant!
Here is the view of Two Friends Patio Restaurant in Key West, Florida! They claim to be the "King of Karaoke", you decide.

Two Friends Patio Restaurant
with Sound!

Green Parrot Bar!
Here is the view of the Green Parrot Bar in Key West, Florida!

Green Parrot Bar
with Sound!

Nicoletti's Coffee Shop - University of California SB
Live streaming video of Nicoletti's Coffee Shop in the University Center of Santa Barbara, California


The Spot Restaurant - Galveston, Texas, USA
Live video of The Spot patio and the street and also a little of the gulf coast!

The Spot!

Dartmough College - Hanover, New Hampshire - USA
Live video of Dartmouth College's "green", good stream, quality could be better (x1 view size is best)

The Green - Dartmouth College

Devils Lake, North Dakota - USA
Live video of Main St. in Devil's Lake North Dakota, decent stream, quality could be better, but very good compared to some.

Devil's Lake - Main St.

Boston College - Boston, Massachusetts - USA
Live video of Boston College's "lower live" dining hall, good stream, lighting could be better, but the stream speed is excellent, one of the best I've seen

Dining Hall - Boston College

Creighton University - Omaha, Nebraska - USA
Live video views from Swanson Residence Hall & Kiewit Residence Hall at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska...the stream speed is excellent, you can even wait in queue to control the camera

Swanson Residence - Creighton University

Kiewit Residence - Creighton University

Celina, Ohio - USA
Live video views from a major intersection in Celina, Ohio, the speed of the camera is very good.

Celina, Ohio

Jasper, Indiana - USA
Live video views from the town center in Jasper, Indiana, the speed of the camera is very good.

Jasper, Indiana

Front Royal, Virginia - USA
Live video views from Main St. in the town of Front Royal, Virginia the speed of the camera is decent good, and is from the window of Royal Oaks Computers.

Front Royal Main St.

Blue Anchor Bay, Missouri - USA
Live video views of Blue Anchor Bay in Missouri, USA. Decent feed and sometimes you can even see people in the pool.

Blue Anchor Bay

Hypobank - Landstrasse - Austria
Live video of a street in austria, good stream, lighting could be better but improves depending on the time of day, but the stream speed is fairly good.

Landstrasse - Austria

Vasilevsky Island, Saint-Petersburg - Russia
Live video of Vasilevsky Island, Saint-Petersburg - Russia which is near the borders of both Finland and Estonia. It appears to be a major intersection with much daily traffic. OK speed and color.

Vasilevsky Island, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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