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In the beginning....

The Stock Stereo
Even though the stock cassette deck was made by 'Clarion' and worked really had to go!

Out with the old...
The stock unit removed and the gaping hole in the dash anxiously awaits the new addition.

...In with the new!
This is a pic of the installer...that's his Sounds Fantastic / Moncton, N.B. getting ready to install my new toy.

My new Toy!
Everyone I'd like you to meet my new
Panasonic CQ-DF401u! Yay me! :)

And now the front sound stage...
Out with the old...Clarion CL610 60W...orginals speakers finally kicked it...
60 Watts!!??!!
What in the hell were they thinking...?
That's just naz-T!...
The new kids on the block...
Aren't they just the...!!!!
The eye of the storm...
....looks kind of "trekkish" though doesn't it?
(You can see me taking the picture in the center of the speaker and the flash of the digi-cam!)
Ohhh the power...!
Note the 100 watts more power capability of these ones than the old ones...sigh..
Their new home...
...looks like the old guy left some waste behind.
In and boomin'!!
Aren't they puuurrrrty!?!

More To Follow! :)

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